Electrical Systems

At Roberts Irrigation, we have crews dedicated to the design and installation of electrical systems for irrigation control, including up to 800 amp services, buried wire power systems to fields, and auxiliary generator systems. We also provide fast, dedicated field service.

Electrical system expertise
Many irrigation systems are powered by electrical networks. Vast quantities of electrical wires are buried to service motors, panels, pumps and center pivots. We design and install electrical service entrances for all sizes of systems.

In addition, you can depend on Roberts' prompt service crews to keep your systems running during the critical growing season. We understand the importance of keeping your fields healthy. With crews dispatched each day to several parts of the state, we are staffed and prepared to respond immediately to your call.

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Very Reliable and Experienced!

I started out in strawberries ten years ago.  I had no knowledge of irrigation or what I needed. I contacted Roberts Irrigation and they took the time to listen to me and walked me through the process of getting a complete irrigation system for ten acres of strawberries.  What really sold me on them is they were able to send a crew to install a pump and underground lines in one day.  I would recommend them highly.  Wayne Zastrow

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